Development Training

What is it?

Development workshops are a way to acquire new skills by the members of an organisation by solving real problems with the assistance of a trainer. They are run in the form of individual or group meetings organised around a specific business goal. The trainer moderates and facilitates the advancement of the workshop, identifying obstacles and proposing tools to support the achievement of a goal. Such a learning-in-action process results in developing new effective behaviours, reaching a decision and determining an action plan.

Supportive models:

Transforming Communication

Nonviolent Communication

Communication tailored to others’ behavioural profiles

Conflict resolution

Feedforward – negative and positive feedback

What is the problem in your organization?

Does the organizational culture eat strategy for breakfast?

(silos; avoiding direct discussions; hundreds of e-mails; sweeping under the carpet; empty talk; resistance to succession planning; ineffective meetings),

How do you know that you communicate effectively?

(expressive and sensitive types; what do want these, who say nothing; someone is dominating the meeting; political correctness)

What are people afraid of in your organization?

(succession; new team member; new boss; sharing one’s knowledge; tough targets, deadlines; personal conflict; dismissal)

What is the effect of providing feedback?

(de-motivation for further work; worsening of the relationship; resistance; ignorance…)

What rules paralyse change?

(we’ve already tried; we don’t have money; we can’t do this; we are too small a company, we don’t have the right people…)

Development workshops provide support adapted to a specific situation; a resolution thanks to acting here and now.

We learn the most while acting.


The experience gained during the workshop learning process allows to explore and exceed the limits of one’s own capabilities and roles, and in result leaves behind a lasting value in the form of new skills.