Ewelina Popis                          Office Manage

Ewelina graduated in sociology (with a specialization in Management and Local Development) at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski.

She joined Human to Business in May 2014, implementing various projects as part of an internship, which turned into a long-term collaboration.

She is interested in issues related to career counseling, the use of diagnostic tools and particularly communication.

That is why the Synthetron method, promoted in our company, became the subject of her thesis devoted to an effective internal communication in the organization. Ewelina’s thesis was awarded for its innovative theme.

At Human to Business, Ewelina is Office Manager, ensuring the smooth functioning of the office and the organization of current projects. She also ensures efficient communication, quality and implementation of "Book of Standards", which facilitates the work of the whole Human to Business team.

Hiking and skiing are her favorite ways to spend time.