Individual Coaching & Team Coaching

What is it?

An active development process set out in time, during which the Client achieves their goal in accordance with their values, reaches his/her own resources, and makes changes in the context of organisational goals.

The Coach

  • Asks questions initiating the process while the Client is looking for answers
  • Proposes a suitable method leading to change
  • Establishes rhythm and framework of work while the Client undertakes actions
  • Inspires, supports, motivates

Team Coaching

What is it?

A process-oriented approach to developing a team, utilising the synergy of diversity of its resources and leading to effective cooperation. The team is developing its emotional, interpersonal, social and organisational intelligence. Broadening team’s self-awarness translates into: initiating changes, holding accountability for results, setting challenges, cooperation and sharing knowledge, complementarity, establishing positive, creative relations.

How does it differ from individual coaching?

A team is a system consisting of individuals and the relationships between them. It is also a part of an organisation and the external environment. Team coaching initiates processes that change the whole system and at the same time lead to changes in the attitudes of individual team members. There is something more to team coaching than team building. Besides developing relations, communication and cooperation, the team is also working on achieving specific organisational goals in a situation of change.

Team in a multi-dimensional process: